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Scented nail polish?

Lately I have been changing my polish more often than usual. I’m having some problems finding a good ridge filler, so I’m going through my ridge filler stash and trying them all out. I have Beauty Secrets ridge filler, which was my first ridge filler, and I loved it the first few times I used it. Then all of a sudden, it became gloppy and bubbles like crazy. My nails end up looking like bubble wrap. Even Seche Vite can’t smooth it out. Today I tried out my Sinful Colors ridge filler/basecoat. Great job filling the ridges, and application wasn’t too bad; thin at first but it starts to dry almost immediately so if you’re not fast enough it creates a lovely gloppy streak. Again I tried a coat of Seche Vite over it in an attempt to smooth it out, but only had a bit of luck. It gunked up at the tops, and even though the bubbling wasn’t as prevalent as with the Beauty Secrets brand, it’s definitely still present. Nothing chaps my ass more than trying out a killer new color only to end up with gloppy tips and bubbles. Needless to say I’ll be trying out a different ridge filler tonight, and if that doesn’t work out, I’m going back to my acrylic base coat. I’d rather live with my 2 ridged nails than have a messy Mani! Anyway, enough of my whining! Onto color!

Today I tried out my scented Revlon polish in Not So Blueberry. This polish is a pretty, shimmery shade of lavender with purple sparkles and a slight blue undertone. It claims to smell like blueberries when dry, which I doubted, but it is certainly true! Not that anyone spends any amount of time smelling my fingertips, but my nails truly smell like blueberries! The formula was smooth, and 2 coats is perfect for opacity. I used a third coat to try to smooth out some of the bubbles and gloppy spots due to my ridge filler being so very bubbly and incredibly tacky. Followed those with a coat of Seche Vite to smooth out the bumps, and added a little flower trio sticker with some blue rhinestones to my ring fingers. One more coat of Seche Vite and after that was dry, I added a French Tip using China Glaze Matte Magic. I love a matte French tip, but this color is too light to really pull it off. Not something I plan on keeping, but was a fun Mani to test out the ridge filler.

These pics didn’t quite catch the color of the polish. Looks more blue here, but is a lovely lavender on my nails. Please excuse the glops and bumps. Not only did I have the basecoat issues, but as soon as I was finished my son needed a diaper change

These were taken indoors using natural lighting:





Such a lovely color. It’s a shame my ridge filler went berserk! Any suggestions on a ridge filler that dries smooth, doesn’t bubble like crazy, and doesn’t create a ton of drag? Please? I can’t stand having goopy, messy nails!!

Happy Polishing!


Matte Magic!

My long awaited China Glaze Matte magic finally showed up! I love matte finishes and couldn’t wait to try it out. I decided to try it over Nicole by OPI’s I’m A Pool For Love. Not the best pairing, but since it was just a test run for the Matte Magic I’m not as bummed out as I could be.

I had hoped that you would still be able to see the pink, blue and purple sparkles that make I’m a Pool For Love so pretty, but the Matte Magic obscured most of the sparkle. In the right light you can see traces of the sparkle, but in shade my nails look like they’re just a deep purple matte. Still cool, just not what I had hoped for. These pics are in natural lighting indoors:




I think I’ll wear I’m A Pool For Love on it’s own from now on, since it’s a shame to cover those sparklies! I do love the Matte Magic though. Easy to apply, no streaks, an dries in record time. Not to mention I love to use Matte in fun ways; glossy polish with a matte tip, matte with a glossy tip, I’ve even seen konad using matte topcoats. I think glitters will work better for full matte nails too. Flakies just aren’t made to show through this stuff. It may not be a complete success, but it was a fun experiment!

Happy Polishing!

How Divine!

For today’s Mani, I decided to try out a color that has been sitting in my stash for far too long- Nicole by OPI’s Di-Vine is Divine. My hubby picked this polish out and brought it home as a surprise. I fell in love with it in the bottle, but it remained in my untried stash until now.

This is 2 coats with a coat of Seche Vite:



Isn’t that a gorgeous color? It reminds me of berries and wine. It does have a very slight gold undertone in the right light. I considered a gold glitter accent nail, but I didn’t want to detract from the sheer beauty of this color, and opted for a simple black swirl sticker. I don’t usually use nail art stickers but the combination turned out nice.

Application wasn’t too shabby. It did get a tiny bit gloppy at first, but most of that was due to drag from my ridge filler. A coat of Seche Vite fixed that problem and after that application was smooth and even. I used 2 coats, but this polish was opaque in only 1. I can’t believe it took me so long to try it!



Again, please excuse my cuticles! I’m bound and determined to heal them and stop nipping/cutting/picking at them.

Overall I give this polish 4.5 stars for color, application and finish. Since I only wear my polish for 1-2 days I’m not the best person to report on wear. I can tell you that most of my recent polishes pass the 2 day test with maybe 1-2 minor chips and very little (almost unnoticeable) tip wear. Someday I’ll manage to keep a Mani for more than a couple of days, but I doubt it will be soon. I have way too much fun polishing not to change my nails often!

Happy Polishing!

Playing with purple!

I finally parted with my Lubu Heels Mani. Normally when I have new colors to play with, I don’t keep a Mani for more than a day. Especially since I work in a field where I use my hands a ton, wash them a ton, and I have a 15 month old which means I’m going to chip my nails fast. Not with that Mani! After 48 hours I had 1 minor chip! And that had more to do with Seche Vite’s notorious shrinkage.

So today I decided to play with purple. I can’t go anywhere without picking up a new polish, and while out grocery shopping I came across Rimmel’s Wild Orchid. It’s a beautiful purple creme, like a dark lavender. It applied beautifully and was opaque in just 1 coat. I’m a serial 2 coater though, so this is shown with 2 coats. I could’ve easily worn this alone, but I recently acquired Busted by Pure Ice, a purpley pink glitter in a sheer purple base. I’ve also been dying to try sponging so I broke out my Rimmel Night Before and set to work!

This is Rimmel’s Wild Orchid on it’s own. Please forgive the lack of clean up and my poor, traumatized cuticles. I’m trying to let them come back to being healthy cuticles after a decade of nipping, cutting, biting, etc. So far it’s a long process. No matter what I use, they remain ragged and scary. Suggestions are welcome!


Isn’t that a lovely color? My lighting sucked, but I assure you that for a drugstore brand it’s lovely! My only issue is the brush; I’m not used to that short, wide brush so I had to be extra careful during application. I did make a little mess, but I’ve done way worse with normal brushes!

After 2 coats of Wild Orchid (over my base coat, of course. I detest staining so a base coat is a must!), I sponged on some Night Before. Then I used the same color to darken the tips of my nails. When that was dry, I added a single coat of Pure Ice Busted to make it sparkle. Topped it all off with 2 coats of Seche Vite ( and waited for the shrinkage to appear so I could add another coat to fix that!). This is the final product. Not bad for a first attempt at sponging, but I have some ideas for a better gradient next time.




The camera makes Night Before look more blue in this lighting, but its more of a deep purple with some shimmer. Think shimmery eggplant.

All in all I am pleased. Not too shabby since I’ve only been playing with things outside of straight polish for a few weeks. Practice makes perfect, right?

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Polishing!

Lubu Mani twist!

I had planned on trying this out tonight, but curiosity got the best of me and I just had to try out Milani Ruby Jewels over Lubu Heels! I’m glad I did! I wanted to try out the Lubu Mani, but my nails aren’t long enough. So I decided to try out a glittery ruby red French tip instead. Still hard to capture on camera, but I love the combination! So very glittery and vampy!

Indoors in sunlight:



Indoors, natural light:



I love how the ruby tips brighten up this Mani and brings out the glittery red in Lubu heels.

Now to decide on my next polish! I have a good sized stash of unuseds and I tend to have problems picking just one out of the bunch.

Happy Polishing!

I have a good stash of unworn
polish, so I decided it was time to start tapping into those. Today I chose China Glaze “Lubu Heels”. I wasn’t sold on this polish until I got it on my nails. The idea of gorgeous red glitter in a black jelly base was too irresistible to pass up, but I wasn’t sure it would look half as good on my nails as it does in the bottle. I was pleasantly surprised! Pictures do not do it justice. It is just impossible to capture the glittery red goodness. I played with different lighting but none of these really shows the true beauty of this polish! This is Lubu Heels inside using my flash. It did manage to capture some of the red, but
still doesn’t do it justice.



Indoors in normal lighting:


And outside..I had hoped the camera would capture the glitter in sunlight, but it just wouldn’t.


This is one of those polishes that you have to experience. I have yet to see a swatch that does it justice.

Application was a dream! It goes on smoothly (it is a jelly after all!) and dried quickly. I used 2 generous coats here, but a third wouldn’t hurt if you’re using thinner coats.

My nails aren’t long enough to try the “Lubu Manicure”, but I’m toying with the idea of adding French tips in Milani’s Ruby Jewel.

Overall this polish is awesome! I give it 4 out of 5 stars, since I wish the glitter was a touch more visible.

Happy Polishing!

First Polish Post!

Welcome to my little korner of the web! As you can see I adore all things nail polish! I can’t wait to start sharing my Mani’s, information, tips and tricks and swatches with you! I typically change my Mani every 1-2 days, so expect frequent posts.

This is my current Mani. It’s Sinful Colors in Almighty. I love this dazzling blue! It does apply a bit streaky, but the color is so gorgeous that I can get past that. This pic doesn’t do it justice. The camera doesn’t show how the light plays off the Flecks in this polish. Accent nail is a Sally Girl nameless glitter with a couple blue holo hearts I have lying around. I’ve had this on for almost 2 days and have only a bit if tip wear. Not a bad polish for being so inexpensive!