2 posts in one night!?!  I am determined to catch up on my blog!

So let’s get down to business! This is the mani I have on now, but I just couldn’t wait to post it! It is my very first attempt at water marbling, so please hold the laughter until the end. 🙂

For this marble I chose 3 of my untried colors: Sally Hansen Grey by Grey, Hard Candy Sky, and Sally Hansen Thinking of Blue.  Not my original color combo, but my first few choices just would not ring out! My white being the worst. It needed some thinner, so I am hoping that was the problem and it will work next time. Otherwise, I’ll be off to pick up a new white polish.  Also, I suck-diddly-uck at placing the design on my nail. I think I managed to place an actual design on 3 nails (one being a thumb).  I’m trying not to be too hard on myself since this is my first try, but I have serious nail OCD. Hell, the cuticle line that isnt like the others is driving me nuts!  Yup, I’m that girl that will re-do an entire mani over 1 smudge.  I’m working on that, really I am!

Okay, here is my marble!  Pics all in natural lighting:





I did end up with a little smudging from my top coat, but I am a genius and didn’t realize that my Revlon top coat is (or at least acts like)  a deep dry and I needed to be so-very-gentle or it would smudge the design. I tend to be a little heavy handed with my polish, so I’m learning to be less than brutal.  Hopefully I can perfect this skill before I attempt my konad tomorrow night!

Off to more pic editing! I should be posting my itty bitty dupe find, LCD, and Icon tomorow.


Happy Polishing!