It’s rare that anyone gets to see my natural nails, and although these aren’t bare, they’re still visible. I decided to share this mini-Mani since in person, people think my nails are fake, and most expect my natural nails to be orangy-yellow or peeling and scary looking. I work hard to keep them from yellowing too much and to keep them healthy. I promise I don’t keep them polished because they’re terrifying- I just love polish!

I chose a glitter polish in a clear base because I wanted something light and easy since my Nfu-Oh 51 is arriving tomorrow and I’ll end up removing tonights polish as soon as it gets here. On occasion I really enjoy wearing a simple, sheer polish or a glitter polish as opposed to my usual opaque colors. I really like this glitter – wet n wild party of five glitters. This glitter looks amazing over polish, but is also awesome on it’s own. Mine has the worlds wonkiest brush, but I managed to use just one side of it.




What a great glitter!

Happy Polishing!