So as I posted yesterday, I am starting the 31 day nail challenge tonight. I am already incredibly excited about it, and the ideas are really flowing! Most of my ideas are pretty unique and I can’t wait to share them with you guys! Here is the list of manis for the challenge:


I won’t give away my mani ideas, but several of these manis will allow me to try out some of my awesome unused polishes, including the Essie Cocktail Bling collection for Winter 2011, My 2 Essie’s from her Fall Collection and at least one of my 2 new OPI’s.  I’m working on getting through at least some of my unused stash before New Years, but considering that most of my stash (which is a mere almost 300 polishes, paling in comparison to most of my nail blogging idols) is unused, that’s going to be a feat! I really want to use my Fall and Winter colors before the seasons are over!

I have also been trying out some new base coats lately. I have my HG, Salon Sciences Instant Artificials, but I figure that it never hurts to try other products, especially since my HG base coat takes a good while to dry completely. I tend to polish over it while it is still tacky, which helps my polish really adhere to it, but I am impatient and I have a 17 month old so drying time is always an issue for me. So far I have tried out OPI Natural Nails Base Coat, OPI Start to finish, and now I am using Nail Tek II Intensive Therapy, since my nails are prone to peeling and have been getting a bit soft lately. My own fault for bathing them in acetone daily, I’m sure, but I refuse to have weak, damaged nails, hence my trying out the Nail Tek line. I’ll be posting in-depth reviews of all these base coats over the next few days.

Also, I’m going to apologize in advance for my poor abused cuticles.  Not only are they still dry and flaking after the Burt’s Bees fiasco, but I made the mistake of pulling large, pointy weeds without gloves on, and ended up with some stab wounds and cuts on my cuticles. Smooth move, Kimber! I am truly a genius. SMH. Lesson learned though. Hubby can pull those bastards from now on!

Hope you are all having an awesome Friday night, and I will return in the morning with my post for Day 1!

Happy Polishing!