Yay, a color that I didn’t dread! I don’t wear green often, but I have some really gorgeous greens in my stash. Actually, I procured a new green yesterday, and the challenge gave me a great excuse to wear it!

I had picked up a Seche mini UV light at Sally’s awhile back, and finally pulled it out to use it yesterday. Because I have the worst luck in the universe (no, really. I have the WORST luck of anyone I know!), when I pulled it out of the box and turned it on, it didn’t work! Upon close inspection, the bulb was blackened at one end, there were grubby little fingerprints all over it, and it looked like someone had just manhandled it. I called Sally’s and they told me to bring it back and they would exchange it for me. So I ran down there, made the exchange, and happily took my UV light home. I immediately pulled it out, tossed in some batteries, switched it on, and voila! It lit up! Then it made a popping noise and died. Seriously. Not 30 seconds after turning it on, it was dead. The bulb was blackened, and it smelled like burning plastic. WTF! I called Sally’s again, and she told me to bring it back again. So I made the drive one more time, and had them exchange it for the Gelish Mini UV Light instead. While making the exchange, the Sally’s manager told me that she had heard nothing but complaints about the Seche light, and it was getting horrible reviews online. Well, thanks for telling me the first time I exchanged it! Anyway, i took my Gelish light home, popped in batteries, and it worked!! It’s actually an awesome little light. But I’ll talk about that another time. On my last trip to Sally’s, I came across an Orly Birds of A Feather gift set. 3 polishes and a purple bag with peacock feathers clipped to the zipper. Cute! In the set was Sweet Peacock, Lucky Duck, and Fowl Play. I have been lemming Fowl Play pretty hard, so I was thrilled to find it! Sweet Peacock is absolutely gorg as well, and Lucky Duck just happens to be green and it was green day for the challenge! Obviously I had to have it!

Lucky Duck is a lovely green creme, but the finish reminds me more of a jelly without the VNL issues. It is a dusty green, and in some lighting leans toward a dusty mint. Formula on this one was wonderful, which was a nice surprise since my other Orly cremes are a bit on the thick side. This was completely Opaque in 2 coats, although with careful application you might be able to get away with one thick coat. I added an accent nail with Sinful Colors Call You Later, a fab glitter with Green round glitter and a ton of different sized gold glitter. I think every polish addict has a “comfort zone”, and mine just happens to be the accent nail. Seriously, I rarely wear plain color, normally choosing to add an accent nail to liven things up when I don’t have time to stamp or freehand, or if the color is too amazing to cover. But back to Lucky Duck! It has some pretty awesome shine on its own, but I sealed it with a coat of Gelish Top It Off UV Gel top coat. Amazing stuff! It really makes this color shine!

Here it is in the light box:

And in natural light:

Isn’t that an awesome green? Definitely one of my faves! I have seen Lucky Duck compared to OPI’s Jade Is The New Black, and they do look similar, however Jade Is The New Black looks a little darker and a little more grayed out than Lucky Duck.  But if you can’t get ahold of Jade, this is a good alternative.

Tomorrow is Blue Nails, and I am having a very hard time choosing a blue! I have a decent variety of colors in my stash, but blue is by far the dominant color in my collection.  I’m trying to keep it simple this week, since next week the challenge shifts to some nail art manis. I think I’ll pull out the blue polishes that I love and have my son pick. Whichever he points to will be the winner!

Happy Polishing!