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Back when I was around 22-23, I was really into having long nails. I babied my nails like crazy, and kept them polished at all times. I would re-do my mani every other night, although I always used the same color.  At some point, I ended up breaking most of my nails and I just stopped growing them out. Every time I had decided to paint my nails since then, I had gone searching for this color. No luck! I had picked it up at Sally’s, but have never been able to find it again. It wold probably help if I knew the name of the color, or even the brand, but it’s been a long time, and I have no clue what it was.

Last week at Sally’s I was perusing their clearance bin. And there was a perfect match to my previous color! Could this be the gorgeous shimmery, almost duochrome blurple that I had been hunting for? I snatched it up and rushed home to try it out. And wow! If it wasnt the same exact polish, it sure as heck is a perfect dupe for it!

Without further ado, here is that color, China Glaze Tempest:

Artificial Light:

and with flash to show shimmery goodness:

Oh how I love this color! The formula was like butter, and although I have read posts where people said it took a good 3-4 coats to be opaque,  I only used 2 coats.  It does have some brush stroke streaks, but its worth it to have this color again. And look at those cuticles! This was taken before my gardening fiasco, but after I stabbed myself with my cuticle pusher 😦

I also wanted to share the product of my mother/daughter time this past Tuesday. My daughter is not into polish at all, but decided that she really liked how my stamps come out. She came to me and asked if I would do her nails for her! We sat down and she went through my stash, choosing Essie’s Aruba Blue as her base, and Pure Ice Pussycat for the stamping. She wanted to be different and have a different stamp on each nail, and she picked a few that I thought may not come out on her tiny nails, but they turned out pretty awesome! Here is the final product:

Forgive my messy polish table! She insisted on holding the bottles like mom does. So adorable! I had a blast doing her nails for her, and she is already clamoring for another mani!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Happy Polishing!




Well, technically it’s the laptop version, since I’m posting from the Macbook tonight. 🙂

Earlier I posted a quick, fun pic of today’s Pink Wednesday Mani. This is the first week I have done Pink Wednesday, and lemme tell ya, I agonized over what to do for this Mani.  I have an entire drawer full of pink! I settled on Rimmel’s Pink Zinfandel since it’s relatively new, and I love that even though it’s a metallic shimmer, it’s not a bright, bubble gum pink. It’s a gorgeous dusky rose color, a perfect pink for fall!

I love Rimmel’s polishes, and Pink Zinfandel did not disappoint. As with many metallic polishes, it was a bit streaky on the first coat, but quickly evened out on the second. Since I was working with a Ruffian design, and used Pink Zinfandel as my top color, I did have to use pretty heavy coats to get the color even and completely opaque.  It wasn’t opaque enough to cover the tips, so I didnt wrap them well (had a little shrinkage this morning as you can see in the first 2 pics) but I had wrapped them in my other color choice anyway, which gave it an interesting effect.  Almost as if the pink was just laying on the grey. This polish also has a ton of shimmer! I’ll be using this color again!

I paired the Pink Zinfandel with China Glaze Black Diamond, a dark grey with what appears to be silver shimmer, but if you look very closely it has some green and red in there as well. This is one of my go to colors for fall this year, being one of those greys that seems to go with almost anything.  Formula was a little on the thin side, but thickened up a bit on the second coat. It does take 2 coats to reach opacity, but I use 2 coats of color as a general rule anyway.

I added some chunky glitter mixed with Sally Hansen Strobe Light at the pink/grey border to give it some flair and added sparkle, using the glitter in a gradient style to about halfway up the nail.  I really like the way this came out, save for the streaking from glitter polish. My son woke up mid mani and my glitter dried before I could manage to blend it with my top coat. Oops! Still wearable though!

Here are a few more pics of Pink Zinfandel over Black Diamond:


Blurred a bit to show sparklies!

Happy Polishing!





Just wanted to show you guys today’s Mani real quick. This is done with Rimmel Pink Zinfandel over China Glaze Black Diamond with some chunky glitter in a kind of gradient pattern at the pink/grey border. I love the Mani, but the pink refused to cover at the tips despite being opaque on the nail plate, and the chunky pieces of glitter left some streaking that even my top coat (Essie Good to Go) couldn’t smooth out. Thankfully you can only see the flaws really really close up!

Here’s a fun effect pic for ya! I’ll write a proper post this afternoon, along with my very long HG post and my first Faux-nadicure!


I really do mean to post more often, but it’s been pretty crazy around here lately!  Planning a wedding is just such a huge undertaking in itself, and combined with running a business and having a family? Wow! I barely have time to think!  But enough whining! Onto the polish!

Lately I have been wearing a ton  of blues and purples. And this post is no exception!

I love  blue polish, and I love glitter! After coveting this color for so long, I finally gave in and picked it up. I was resisting it since everyone has seen this one, and almost everyone owns it, so why post about a polish that has been so thoroughly covered? Obviously I did NOT manage to resist this one, and did run out and buy it. However, it remained in my unused stash until this past week.  Blue is my absolute favorite color to wear on my nails, and Dorothy Who is such a gorgeous shade of it! Combined with tons of blue and silver glitter, it is just stunning! And what depth! My camera actually had one heck of a time focusing!  Here is Dorothy Who immediately after application, in artificial light.


And here it is 2 days later, in natural light:


I do wish that my camera had been able to actually focus on all my nails at once!

I wore this mani for 3 days, and had a tiny bit of tip wear, but otherwise it looked as good as it did the night I applied it. I am incredibly hard on my nails between work and housework, so I’m impressed when I find a polish that wears well.  The formula was interesting to work with; Usually China Glaze is easy to work with and I rarely have application issues. Dorothy Who was wonderful until my brush made it to the tips of my nail, where the glitter would clump a bit. Easily fixed with a coat of Seche Vite, though! Overall, I’m delighted with this polish and will definitely be wearing it again soon.


Currently I am wearing Wet N’ Wild’s “Buffy The Violet Slayer with China Glaze Matte Magic Topcoat. I added some shiny tips since I love the dual effect of matte and shiny together. Topped it all off with a few hot pink rhinestones across the tip of my ring finger and voila! Fast and fun Mani!

Buffy The Violet Slayer is normally a lovely almost neon purple with tons of shine and almost a duochrome shimmer. Lots of blue and pink in the right light!  Application was smooth on the first coat, but a bit gloppy on the second, but I didn’t expect perfection from a 99 cent fast dry polish. Once dry, however, it was lovely and smooth, no streaks or bubbles.  This is only the 2nd time I have used Matte Magic, and I was impressed with the quick dry time, and even more impressed with the wear! I’ve used some Matte topcoats before that left a white dot anywhere the nail was bumped, yet Matte Magic hasn’t shown a single nick or scratch after 3 days of wear.  Very nice!

Here it is while drying and before fixing the imperfections at the tips:

The bottom picture is the closest to the actual color of this Mani. My camera has a hard time with purples (I hear this is a common issue for nail bloggers!), so I took this shot with my hand against my jeans, hoping it would help.  I kind of dig the reflection of my jeans across my nails here.

And now it’s time to go forth and polish! I picked up a fun polish that happens to be a dupe of a color I’ve been hunting for and I can’t wait to try it out (and share it here)!

Happy Polishing!



It doesn’t match the bottle!

I came across Flying Dragon by China Glaze in my stash, and decided it was a must try. In the bottle it’s a neon pink with blue and purple glitter. I had expected a pink, semi glittery satin finish polish. But on my nails, it came out as a purple satin with barely any hint of the glittery purple and blue.

I was disappointed in the color, but the formula was wonderful. Application was smooth and opaque in 2 coats. However, I wanted glittery nails, so I grabbed my Sinful Colors Frenzy and layered that over the Flying Dragon. Then I added a v shaped French tip in Wet N Wild Buffy the Violet Slayer, and dotted some neon pink by Sally’s onto the purple. The camera just refuses to capture the colors though. Makes the tips look blue, but I assure you they are purple!

Here is the bottle. See the pink? Yeah. Not pink on my nails at all.


And here are some shots of the final product. Not all that awesome, but okay for a day. I really need to start swatching my unused polishes so I don’t have to improvise and don’t encounter any surprise color deviation!





I do wish the camera would capture the purple tips. It seems to hate purples!

I think I may play with my light pink opal polish tonight. Time for some lighter colors and something a little less complicated. Or maybe I’ll do some gray striping. What do you think?

Happy Polishing!

Blood Spatter nails!

The Mani that I’m currently rockin is getting tons of attention! I had a blast working on it, and am utterly thrilled with how it turned out. So much so that I’m keeping it on through tomorrow. Tomorrow is my birthday and I can’t think of a better Mani to have than one that I had so much fun doing and looks so cool.

I started out with a coat of Gelous as a base coat. This was one of my untried base coats, and to my surprise it didn’t bubble or streak, and it filled the annoying ridges I have on a couple of nails. Color went over it smoothly, no dragging or streaking, and it dried quickly. I dig this base coat, but I still have my bottle of Nail Magic to try out.

After the coat of Gelous, I used 2 coats of China Glaze in Paper Mâché, an awesome white creme that applies smoothly and looks fabulous on it’s own. I followed with a coat of Seche Vite. Then I used an infant dosing syringe with the plunger removed with a bottle of polish I’ve had in my stash for a good 4 years – Maybelline’s Red Hots. I pushed the polish into the opening on the dosing syringe with the brush, aimed at my nail and blew into the open end (of course I had taped my nails off first!). Followed up with another coat of Seche Vite, and voila! Blood spatter nails! Here is the final result:






Isn’t that just a fun Mani? It reminds me of the show “Dexter”, which is my favorite show. I cant wait to try the spatter technique with some black polish and my neons!

What are you rockin on your nails today?

Happy Polishing!

Matte Magic!

My long awaited China Glaze Matte magic finally showed up! I love matte finishes and couldn’t wait to try it out. I decided to try it over Nicole by OPI’s I’m A Pool For Love. Not the best pairing, but since it was just a test run for the Matte Magic I’m not as bummed out as I could be.

I had hoped that you would still be able to see the pink, blue and purple sparkles that make I’m a Pool For Love so pretty, but the Matte Magic obscured most of the sparkle. In the right light you can see traces of the sparkle, but in shade my nails look like they’re just a deep purple matte. Still cool, just not what I had hoped for. These pics are in natural lighting indoors:




I think I’ll wear I’m A Pool For Love on it’s own from now on, since it’s a shame to cover those sparklies! I do love the Matte Magic though. Easy to apply, no streaks, an dries in record time. Not to mention I love to use Matte in fun ways; glossy polish with a matte tip, matte with a glossy tip, I’ve even seen konad using matte topcoats. I think glitters will work better for full matte nails too. Flakies just aren’t made to show through this stuff. It may not be a complete success, but it was a fun experiment!

Happy Polishing!

Lubu Mani twist!

I had planned on trying this out tonight, but curiosity got the best of me and I just had to try out Milani Ruby Jewels over Lubu Heels! I’m glad I did! I wanted to try out the Lubu Mani, but my nails aren’t long enough. So I decided to try out a glittery ruby red French tip instead. Still hard to capture on camera, but I love the combination! So very glittery and vampy!

Indoors in sunlight:



Indoors, natural light:



I love how the ruby tips brighten up this Mani and brings out the glittery red in Lubu heels.

Now to decide on my next polish! I have a good sized stash of unuseds and I tend to have problems picking just one out of the bunch.

Happy Polishing!

I have a good stash of unworn
polish, so I decided it was time to start tapping into those. Today I chose China Glaze “Lubu Heels”. I wasn’t sold on this polish until I got it on my nails. The idea of gorgeous red glitter in a black jelly base was too irresistible to pass up, but I wasn’t sure it would look half as good on my nails as it does in the bottle. I was pleasantly surprised! Pictures do not do it justice. It is just impossible to capture the glittery red goodness. I played with different lighting but none of these really shows the true beauty of this polish! This is Lubu Heels inside using my flash. It did manage to capture some of the red, but
still doesn’t do it justice.



Indoors in normal lighting:


And outside..I had hoped the camera would capture the glitter in sunlight, but it just wouldn’t.


This is one of those polishes that you have to experience. I have yet to see a swatch that does it justice.

Application was a dream! It goes on smoothly (it is a jelly after all!) and dried quickly. I used 2 generous coats here, but a third wouldn’t hurt if you’re using thinner coats.

My nails aren’t long enough to try the “Lubu Manicure”, but I’m toying with the idea of adding French tips in Milani’s Ruby Jewel.

Overall this polish is awesome! I give it 4 out of 5 stars, since I wish the glitter was a touch more visible.

Happy Polishing!