Wow! So sorry I’m late with this! I had internet issues over the past couple of days and could not manage to stay connected long enough to post! Looks like I have it fixed now, so let’s commence with the challenge!

Today’s mani is Red. When I was much younger, I used to LOOOOVE Red nail polish. It was rare that I wore anything but red on my nails! I have always adored Marilyn Monroe, so I always chose a “Marilyn Inspired” red, and wore it until the bottle was gone.  Now I very rarely wear red, and only own a handful. I tend to prefer Blues and Grays, and I always find it hard to find a red that goes well with my skin tone as well as stands out enough to catch my eye.

For this challenge I chose Essie’s “Size Matters”. FABULOUS name, right? 😉 Looks like Essie was feeling a bit cheeky that day! Size Matters is an absolutely gorg blue based red creme, with tons of shine and serious sex appeal.  I was already in love with the other colors in the collection, and wasn’t all that excited about another red creme, but when I pulled out this red I was pleasantly surprised.  I tend to prefer blue based reds, and this baby has a very blue base, and is loaded with pigment. Finally, a red that I will actually wear (as opposed to just using for nail art or stamping)!

Size Matters is pretty much opaque in 1 coat, but I always use 2 to ensure even color. I’m pretty sure with careful application you could certainly get away with just one medium/thick coat.  Formula is easy to work with as well, as are most of my Essie polishes.  I did have a few sparse patches while using thin coats, but as I mentioned before, go a bit heavier and that shouldn’t be an issue.  I wore this over 2 coats of Nail Tek II Intense Therapy and sealed with a coat of Seche Vite, but even without top coat, this polish packs some lovely shine. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with Size Matters and will be wearing this one again!

These pics are horrible, but I don’t have time to re-do my mani so that my nails arent worn and scratched up, plus I am so frustrated with my damned internet connection that I feel like I need to just post something or I may not be able to post at all!

Light Box:


And Daylight:

Please forgive how worn my mani looks in the light box and daylight pics! I took those after filing back the length of my nails last night and constructing the light box, so they were beaten to hell. Also, you can see where I was stabbed in the cuticles by those damned thorny weeds I pulled up without using gloves the other day. If ya think that’s bad, you should see my OTHER hand. Looks like I stuck it into a pile of needles. Ugh!

I’ll be posting challenge pics mostly in the mornings from now on. I’m a nocturnal polisher so my pics are usually taken around midnight, but in order to show the true color of the polish I would rather take some pics in the morning using natural light as well. The light box is decent, but it’s still nowhere near as awesome as daylight.

The next 2 days I could honestly pass on. Orange and Yellow, meh. Both colors that I don’t wear well and am not really into. I own precisely 2 of each, and those were bought just for a gradient mani that I will someday get around to.

Happy Polishing!