Lately I have been changing my polish more often than usual. I’m having some problems finding a good ridge filler, so I’m going through my ridge filler stash and trying them all out. I have Beauty Secrets ridge filler, which was my first ridge filler, and I loved it the first few times I used it. Then all of a sudden, it became gloppy and bubbles like crazy. My nails end up looking like bubble wrap. Even Seche Vite can’t smooth it out. Today I tried out my Sinful Colors ridge filler/basecoat. Great job filling the ridges, and application wasn’t too bad; thin at first but it starts to dry almost immediately so if you’re not fast enough it creates a lovely gloppy streak. Again I tried a coat of Seche Vite over it in an attempt to smooth it out, but only had a bit of luck. It gunked up at the tops, and even though the bubbling wasn’t as prevalent as with the Beauty Secrets brand, it’s definitely still present. Nothing chaps my ass more than trying out a killer new color only to end up with gloppy tips and bubbles. Needless to say I’ll be trying out a different ridge filler tonight, and if that doesn’t work out, I’m going back to my acrylic base coat. I’d rather live with my 2 ridged nails than have a messy Mani! Anyway, enough of my whining! Onto color!

Today I tried out my scented Revlon polish in Not So Blueberry. This polish is a pretty, shimmery shade of lavender with purple sparkles and a slight blue undertone. It claims to smell like blueberries when dry, which I doubted, but it is certainly true! Not that anyone spends any amount of time smelling my fingertips, but my nails truly smell like blueberries! The formula was smooth, and 2 coats is perfect for opacity. I used a third coat to try to smooth out some of the bubbles and gloppy spots due to my ridge filler being so very bubbly and incredibly tacky. Followed those with a coat of Seche Vite to smooth out the bumps, and added a little flower trio sticker with some blue rhinestones to my ring fingers. One more coat of Seche Vite and after that was dry, I added a French Tip using China Glaze Matte Magic. I love a matte French tip, but this color is too light to really pull it off. Not something I plan on keeping, but was a fun Mani to test out the ridge filler.

These pics didn’t quite catch the color of the polish. Looks more blue here, but is a lovely lavender on my nails. Please excuse the glops and bumps. Not only did I have the basecoat issues, but as soon as I was finished my son needed a diaper change

These were taken indoors using natural lighting:





Such a lovely color. It’s a shame my ridge filler went berserk! Any suggestions on a ridge filler that dries smooth, doesn’t bubble like crazy, and doesn’t create a ton of drag? Please? I can’t stand having goopy, messy nails!!

Happy Polishing!