My long awaited China Glaze Matte magic finally showed up! I love matte finishes and couldn’t wait to try it out. I decided to try it over Nicole by OPI’s I’m A Pool For Love. Not the best pairing, but since it was just a test run for the Matte Magic I’m not as bummed out as I could be.

I had hoped that you would still be able to see the pink, blue and purple sparkles that make I’m a Pool For Love so pretty, but the Matte Magic obscured most of the sparkle. In the right light you can see traces of the sparkle, but in shade my nails look like they’re just a deep purple matte. Still cool, just not what I had hoped for. These pics are in natural lighting indoors:




I think I’ll wear I’m A Pool For Love on it’s own from now on, since it’s a shame to cover those sparklies! I do love the Matte Magic though. Easy to apply, no streaks, an dries in record time. Not to mention I love to use Matte in fun ways; glossy polish with a matte tip, matte with a glossy tip, I’ve even seen konad using matte topcoats. I think glitters will work better for full matte nails too. Flakies just aren’t made to show through this stuff. It may not be a complete success, but it was a fun experiment!

Happy Polishing!