Just a quick note: my nails are 100% natural. They’re not acrylics or glue ons- they’re all mine. I’ve had several people mention that they thought my nails were fake over the past couple of days. Sorry to disappoint, they’re real!

So, on to Day 2 of the challenge!

I know, it looks like I did 2 manis in one day. My red mani was supposed to be posted yesterday, but due to internet problems, I had to post it today. Since I don’t want to flub the challenge, I am sticking with yesterday as Day 1, and today as day 2. So here is Day 2 of the challenge: Orange Nails!

I have to admit that I was dreading wearing Orange. It doesnt look good on me, and I never really think about using Orange on my nails, save for the occasional water marble or gradient idea. However, one I got it on my nails, it wasn’t as horrible as I had expected. I can’t say that I will be sporting orange nails like this anytime soon, but this color is kind of fun.

For this mani I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Sun Kissed, one of 2 Orange polishes that I own. I have to admit, I love Sally Hansen and a good portion of my stash is comprised of SH polish. The formula on this one was a little on the gloppy side, and it needed 3 coats to be opaque, but it has a lovely jelly-like finish and despite streaking on the first coat, managed to even out on coats 2 and 3.  I had planned on adding some stamping for Halloween, but since I’ll be removing this mani tomorrow morning, I ended up just slapping some Sally Hansen crackle in Ink Splatter over it for a quick, yet Halloween-esque mani.

All pics were taken in my (pretty crappy – hahaha!) light box, except the crackle pic:

And after I threw on some crackle (it was also time for a Peppermint Mocha!):

Wow! Look at those poor mangle cuticles! Sometimes I feel like they will NEVER be normal. Although I suppose if I stopped pulling weeds without gloves, washing dishes without gloves, and using my hands to dig through piles of old papers, boxes, or as tools they might heal faster, eh? It does amuse me a bit that in all my pics my cuticles look all wrinkly – I’ve been slathering them in cuticle oils and creams, and they’re either covered in oil or have bits of cuticle cream stuck in them in my recent pics. Thankfully this blog is about the polish and not cuticles!

Tomorrow is Yellow Nails, and I have to say that is another mani I am NOT looking forward to! Yellow looks so horrible on me, and I am dreading wearing it. I suppose that’s one of the upsides to doing a new mani every day during this challenge. If I dont like it, I only have to wear it for a bit!

Happy Polishing!