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Galaxy Nails!

Wow.  I am horrible at posting! I’ve done a good 5 mani’s since I last posted here, but I just haven’t had to time to post about them too. I’ve also been busy learning some nail art, as well as water marbling and Konad.  I think I’ll actually edit some more pics and post again in the morning in order to catch up a bit!


While perusing YouTube tutorials last week, I came across a video for Galaxy Nails. I had to give this one a shot!   Little galaxies on my nails? OK!  Mine came out a bit more holo than some I’ve seen, but I also used a few more glitters and sheer holo polishes to really make them shine.  They don’t translate as well in pics, since the closeness really brings out the white stars and dulls the shine and purple/blue shimmers.

Here they are:




Nifty, huh? To get this look, I used my usual Instant Artificials basecoat, Finger Paints Black Expressionism as a base, China Glaze Black Diamond over my black, sponged with Finger Paints Paper Mache to get the white areas to make the galaxy swirls, and sponged with Sally Hansen DVD,  Orly Mineral FX Rock The World, Confetti Smitten for depth and color. I used Kiss Nail Art stripers in White and Silver Glitter for the stars and shooting stars, and then went over random areas with LA Colors  Sassy Sparkle Glitter, Sally Girl Blue Glitter, NYC Glossies Scandalous Blue Glitter and Orly Love Each other for glitter and holo effect. Sealed with Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat and voila!  Sounds time consuming, but it really didn’t take long at all!  I had a blast trying this out, and will definitely be doing this again!


Off to edit pics now! In the morning I will have water marbling pics for you, to be followed by a Rimmel/Confetti Dupe post and some pics of Nail Fetish “Icon”.

Also, I just came across the press release for China Glaze Eye Candy and Holiday Collections! Wow! A collection inspired my Marilyn Monroe? You bet I WILL have it!

Happy Polishing!



Playing with purple!

I finally parted with my Lubu Heels Mani. Normally when I have new colors to play with, I don’t keep a Mani for more than a day. Especially since I work in a field where I use my hands a ton, wash them a ton, and I have a 15 month old which means I’m going to chip my nails fast. Not with that Mani! After 48 hours I had 1 minor chip! And that had more to do with Seche Vite’s notorious shrinkage.

So today I decided to play with purple. I can’t go anywhere without picking up a new polish, and while out grocery shopping I came across Rimmel’s Wild Orchid. It’s a beautiful purple creme, like a dark lavender. It applied beautifully and was opaque in just 1 coat. I’m a serial 2 coater though, so this is shown with 2 coats. I could’ve easily worn this alone, but I recently acquired Busted by Pure Ice, a purpley pink glitter in a sheer purple base. I’ve also been dying to try sponging so I broke out my Rimmel Night Before and set to work!

This is Rimmel’s Wild Orchid on it’s own. Please forgive the lack of clean up and my poor, traumatized cuticles. I’m trying to let them come back to being healthy cuticles after a decade of nipping, cutting, biting, etc. So far it’s a long process. No matter what I use, they remain ragged and scary. Suggestions are welcome!


Isn’t that a lovely color? My lighting sucked, but I assure you that for a drugstore brand it’s lovely! My only issue is the brush; I’m not used to that short, wide brush so I had to be extra careful during application. I did make a little mess, but I’ve done way worse with normal brushes!

After 2 coats of Wild Orchid (over my base coat, of course. I detest staining so a base coat is a must!), I sponged on some Night Before. Then I used the same color to darken the tips of my nails. When that was dry, I added a single coat of Pure Ice Busted to make it sparkle. Topped it all off with 2 coats of Seche Vite ( and waited for the shrinkage to appear so I could add another coat to fix that!). This is the final product. Not bad for a first attempt at sponging, but I have some ideas for a better gradient next time.




The camera makes Night Before look more blue in this lighting, but its more of a deep purple with some shimmer. Think shimmery eggplant.

All in all I am pleased. Not too shabby since I’ve only been playing with things outside of straight polish for a few weeks. Practice makes perfect, right?

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Polishing!