Boy, did I dread this mani! Yellow and I do not get along. However, once I got this polish on, I didn’t hate it as much as I had expected!

For this mani I chose Wet N Wild Fast Dry “The Wonder Yellows”, a bright, shimmery yellow that makes me think of fields full of dandelions on a sunny day. How cheesy! 🙂 The formula on this polish was absolutely dreamy! Not too thin, not too thick, and went on so smoothly. Sometimes Wet N Wild really impresses me, and for 99 cents? Awesome! However, as with most yellows, opacity was an issue. It took me 4 coats to reach any semblance of opacity, and 5 to get rid of the VNL. Normally I don’t really mind VNL, but with this color it just didn’t look good. Hence the 5th coat!

Here is The Wonder Yellows in all it’s light box glory!

Not too shabby for yellow! Although it does make my hands a tad lobstery. 🙂

Tomorrows post: Green! Until then I am going to go play with my UV light and polishes! I recently acquired a couple of gelish polishes, as well as the prep, base and top coats and Seche Ultra-V UV top coat. So far the Ultra-V is awesome for every day wear, but the gelish top coat is incredible for shine and durability. Hubby and I both worked really hard to try to dent it, and could barely leave a small dent! I can’t wait to actually try out my gelish polishes. I don’t foresee myself using a lot of gel polish, but since I have the light I may as well use them on occasion. I do recommend that you try out the top coat if you have a UV light. They say you can’t use it with regular polish and that you must have their special product to remove the tacky layer after curing, as well as removing it in general but alcohol removes the tacky layer, and all you have to do to remove gel top coats and polishes is file the top coat to break the seal, and either use the foil trick or use one of those acetone scrubby jars.

Happy Polishing!