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Boy, did I dread this mani! Yellow and I do not get along. However, once I got this polish on, I didn’t hate it as much as I had expected!

For this mani I chose Wet N Wild Fast Dry “The Wonder Yellows”, a bright, shimmery yellow that makes me think of fields full of dandelions on a sunny day. How cheesy! 🙂 The formula on this polish was absolutely dreamy! Not too thin, not too thick, and went on so smoothly. Sometimes Wet N Wild really impresses me, and for 99 cents? Awesome! However, as with most yellows, opacity was an issue. It took me 4 coats to reach any semblance of opacity, and 5 to get rid of the VNL. Normally I don’t really mind VNL, but with this color it just didn’t look good. Hence the 5th coat!

Here is The Wonder Yellows in all it’s light box glory!

Not too shabby for yellow! Although it does make my hands a tad lobstery. 🙂

Tomorrows post: Green! Until then I am going to go play with my UV light and polishes! I recently acquired a couple of gelish polishes, as well as the prep, base and top coats and Seche Ultra-V UV top coat. So far the Ultra-V is awesome for every day wear, but the gelish top coat is incredible for shine and durability. Hubby and I both worked really hard to try to dent it, and could barely leave a small dent! I can’t wait to actually try out my gelish polishes. I don’t foresee myself using a lot of gel polish, but since I have the light I may as well use them on occasion. I do recommend that you try out the top coat if you have a UV light. They say you can’t use it with regular polish and that you must have their special product to remove the tacky layer after curing, as well as removing it in general but alcohol removes the tacky layer, and all you have to do to remove gel top coats and polishes is file the top coat to break the seal, and either use the foil trick or use one of those acetone scrubby jars.

Happy Polishing!



Look! You can see my nails!

It’s rare that anyone gets to see my natural nails, and although these aren’t bare, they’re still visible. I decided to share this mini-Mani since in person, people think my nails are fake, and most expect my natural nails to be orangy-yellow or peeling and scary looking. I work hard to keep them from yellowing too much and to keep them healthy. I promise I don’t keep them polished because they’re terrifying- I just love polish!

I chose a glitter polish in a clear base because I wanted something light and easy since my Nfu-Oh 51 is arriving tomorrow and I’ll end up removing tonights polish as soon as it gets here. On occasion I really enjoy wearing a simple, sheer polish or a glitter polish as opposed to my usual opaque colors. I really like this glitter – wet n wild party of five glitters. This glitter looks amazing over polish, but is also awesome on it’s own. Mine has the worlds wonkiest brush, but I managed to use just one side of it.




What a great glitter!

Happy Polishing!


I really do mean to post more often, but it’s been pretty crazy around here lately!  Planning a wedding is just such a huge undertaking in itself, and combined with running a business and having a family? Wow! I barely have time to think!  But enough whining! Onto the polish!

Lately I have been wearing a ton  of blues and purples. And this post is no exception!

I love  blue polish, and I love glitter! After coveting this color for so long, I finally gave in and picked it up. I was resisting it since everyone has seen this one, and almost everyone owns it, so why post about a polish that has been so thoroughly covered? Obviously I did NOT manage to resist this one, and did run out and buy it. However, it remained in my unused stash until this past week.  Blue is my absolute favorite color to wear on my nails, and Dorothy Who is such a gorgeous shade of it! Combined with tons of blue and silver glitter, it is just stunning! And what depth! My camera actually had one heck of a time focusing!  Here is Dorothy Who immediately after application, in artificial light.


And here it is 2 days later, in natural light:


I do wish that my camera had been able to actually focus on all my nails at once!

I wore this mani for 3 days, and had a tiny bit of tip wear, but otherwise it looked as good as it did the night I applied it. I am incredibly hard on my nails between work and housework, so I’m impressed when I find a polish that wears well.  The formula was interesting to work with; Usually China Glaze is easy to work with and I rarely have application issues. Dorothy Who was wonderful until my brush made it to the tips of my nail, where the glitter would clump a bit. Easily fixed with a coat of Seche Vite, though! Overall, I’m delighted with this polish and will definitely be wearing it again soon.


Currently I am wearing Wet N’ Wild’s “Buffy The Violet Slayer with China Glaze Matte Magic Topcoat. I added some shiny tips since I love the dual effect of matte and shiny together. Topped it all off with a few hot pink rhinestones across the tip of my ring finger and voila! Fast and fun Mani!

Buffy The Violet Slayer is normally a lovely almost neon purple with tons of shine and almost a duochrome shimmer. Lots of blue and pink in the right light!  Application was smooth on the first coat, but a bit gloppy on the second, but I didn’t expect perfection from a 99 cent fast dry polish. Once dry, however, it was lovely and smooth, no streaks or bubbles.  This is only the 2nd time I have used Matte Magic, and I was impressed with the quick dry time, and even more impressed with the wear! I’ve used some Matte topcoats before that left a white dot anywhere the nail was bumped, yet Matte Magic hasn’t shown a single nick or scratch after 3 days of wear.  Very nice!

Here it is while drying and before fixing the imperfections at the tips:

The bottom picture is the closest to the actual color of this Mani. My camera has a hard time with purples (I hear this is a common issue for nail bloggers!), so I took this shot with my hand against my jeans, hoping it would help.  I kind of dig the reflection of my jeans across my nails here.

And now it’s time to go forth and polish! I picked up a fun polish that happens to be a dupe of a color I’ve been hunting for and I can’t wait to try it out (and share it here)!

Happy Polishing!



It’s been a busy couple of days, and I’ve changed my nails twice since my last post. This will be a pic intensive post since I have 2 colors to share.

First is Revlon’s Cloud. The only way I can explain this awesome grayed out blue is by comparing it to a crayon. Yup, a crayon. Remember the periwinkle crayon in the big Crayola box? That’s what this color reminds me of. Periwinkle was my favorite color as a child so this Mani was instant happy. I had planned to use it under a shatter polish, but once I saw the color on my nails I just couldn’t do it.

The formula was interesting. Thin at first, but it seemed to thicken up during use. Not too gloppy, but a little on the thick side. I used 2 coats, a coat of Seche Vite, and some glitter and a pink star rhinestone on my ring finger as an accent nail. I can’t take credit for the “shooting star”, I don’t remember which blog I saw that on otherwise I would post a link. (if it’s you please contact me and I will post a link and credit you!) This is the end result:






That color just makes me happy! I can’t wait to use it in another mani!

Next is my “I don’t have alot of time so I’ll do something simple” Mani. I haven’t worn pink in awhile and I wanted something pretty but simple. I chose Wet N Wild Hannah Pinktana. I know, cheesy name but such a pretty color. It’s a lovely pink with a touch of purple in certain light, and multicolor glitter. It went on so very smooth, and is opaque in 2 coats, although I used 3 for a little more color. I added a little white floral sticker on my ring finger as an accent (I don’t know why, but it’s rare that I just wear a color without an accent or tips.) I tried to capture the glitter, but you really have to see this one in person. The glitter shines red, blue, silver, gold, and pink. So pretty! Please excuse the weird orange tint on my cuticles! I had recently used my cuticle moisturizer and it was still on my cuticles.

This first pic was is sunlight. The rest are indoors.






I love all the colors in the glitter. I wouldn’t have expected anything other than a little sparked but the colors in this polish sparkle so pretty in the light. Love it! I’m not sure if it could be called duochrome, but it sure is pretty.

Happy Polishing!

It doesn’t match the bottle!

I came across Flying Dragon by China Glaze in my stash, and decided it was a must try. In the bottle it’s a neon pink with blue and purple glitter. I had expected a pink, semi glittery satin finish polish. But on my nails, it came out as a purple satin with barely any hint of the glittery purple and blue.

I was disappointed in the color, but the formula was wonderful. Application was smooth and opaque in 2 coats. However, I wanted glittery nails, so I grabbed my Sinful Colors Frenzy and layered that over the Flying Dragon. Then I added a v shaped French tip in Wet N Wild Buffy the Violet Slayer, and dotted some neon pink by Sally’s onto the purple. The camera just refuses to capture the colors though. Makes the tips look blue, but I assure you they are purple!

Here is the bottle. See the pink? Yeah. Not pink on my nails at all.


And here are some shots of the final product. Not all that awesome, but okay for a day. I really need to start swatching my unused polishes so I don’t have to improvise and don’t encounter any surprise color deviation!





I do wish the camera would capture the purple tips. It seems to hate purples!

I think I may play with my light pink opal polish tonight. Time for some lighter colors and something a little less complicated. Or maybe I’ll do some gray striping. What do you think?

Happy Polishing!